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A focus on scents not cents

While pawing through some afternoon reading after my much-needed siesta (being the Barkivist is a ruff job!), I sniffed my way to an interesting article in our Staff Magazine from March 1977. It documents some of the famous canine customers at the Ladies Branch, one of our local specialized branches. Just like their human companions, these furry financiers came in different shapes and sizes and had different “banking needs.” The article shows that BMO has a long history of going the extra mile to help our customers – and their four-legged friends – make real financial progress.

More on the Ladies Branch

The branch manager at the time, Doris Kelly, shared a few interesting anecdotes about some of the regulars. I wish I knew some of these pooches! They sound like real characters.

Name: Expo
Breed: Golden Retriever
Favourite Toy: Plastic rolled newspaper that he consistently brought to the branch while doing his “banking business.” I like to think he was either reading the Financial Times or trying to find out who won Best in Show.
Special Talent: Always finding the cookie jar.

Name: Charles de Gaulle
Breed: French Poodle
Special Skill: A nose for scents, his favourite being the manager’s perfume.

Name: Hélo
Breed: English-bred Pekinese from Chile
Interests: Ladies with mink coats or French perfume. Hélo was a dog with refined tastes. She might have been a bit of a diva!

Name: Bonzo
Breed: Snoodle – half Schnauzer/half Poodle (At the time, these fine dogs were referred to as Snoodles, not Schnoodles.)
Favourite Pastime: Escaping his home to go for unaccompanied walks to the branch for pats on the head and unlimited cookies. This dog somehow had mastered the system.

Image: Sketch of frequent visitors of the Ladies Branch, Staff Magazine, April 1977.